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Lindsey’s Testimonials:


My neck was out of alignment and had been sore for weeks. Lindsey got things moving again and the next day that pain was gone. Thank you!!!
- Ephy

More please.

This lady is amazing. Great work on the table, was incredibly accommodating and came to us for the massage. My partner and I live on the East side and she was happy to come all the way from Seattle to work on us. We both loved her.
- Drew Bowen

Best massage ever!

I can't say enough great things about Lindsey! She came all the way out to my place in west Seattle! She got to work on my terrible back minutes after arriving to my house. Her hand pressure was perfect! Hit all of my problem spots and made me feel better than I have in months! 10/10 will definitely be getting another massage soon!
- Sean

Best masseuse!

After having issues with range of motion and pain in my scapula and wrists, Zee did a fantastic job zeroing in on what needed to be done. After a day the pain was gone. I felt great after our session, and I now book her as often as I can afford.
- Olivia O' Duinn

Very effective

It is just a great massage. Totally felt great afterwards.
- Tim

Best massage ever

I've been receiving massage for over 30 yrs and Lindsey is by far the best massage therapist I have seen. Highly recommend her especially if you have chronic issues, she is thoughtful, skilled at diagnosis and treatment.
- Linda

You'll Feel Better!

I have issues relating to my lower back and hips. Lindsey has able to help me get relief from the pain I was having. She is very compassionate and knowledgeable. I appreciate her ability to know when to really dig in and when to take it easy. If you're looking for someone who treats you with respect and has the skills to put you on the path to feeling better, Lindsey is the person for you.
- Anne

Amazing and flexible massage experience!

My carpal tunnel has been acting up recently with all this moving (and extra work to afford the moving!), so I decided to splurge a bit and get a massage done by Lindsey Parker. She came to my house, set up her massage table, gave me an incredible massage, educated me on how to treat my condition outside of massage (what?! I've been to like 6 massage therapists and maybe have been told other ways to help myself once?), and even included my baby in the massage when she was fussy and needed mom. Thank you SO MUCH, Lindsey! Sorry about the crying baby. And everyone else; if you're in the Seattle area and in pain, Lindsey Parker will come to your house and work with your life in order to treat you! One of the best massages I've had, by far the most educational, and definitely the most adaptable. I HIGHLY recommend her. I feel amazing and am going to sleep so well tonight.
- Susanna Garrett

Would book again and again

Zee gives great deep tissue massages for competitive rates. Her being mobile is also a huge advantage.
- Fedora

Lindsey is the best

I have had quite a few massages from different practitioners, and with out hesitation, Lindsey is my favorite. She stands out in a crowded field of providers. And on top of that, she'll drive to you!? Absolutely 5 stars all the way. No longer will you have to be bored through shallow spa massages, or random burping Asian men at cheap places around town.
- Matt Kirk

Incredible massage therapist!

I came to Lindsey with severe pain from a pinched nerve. She was able to give me mobility back in my neck and shoulders and is extremely professional, respectful, listens to concerns, and was gentle with my sciatic pain. Very excellent and comfortable to work with. Very kind, genuine massage therapist who does great work. Thank you!!
- Tuesday

I felt so taken care of

I met Lindsey when she was working a music festival September 2018 late in the evening after everyone was winding down. I had been on my feet all day running around and by that time I just felt that my lower back was very stiff but couldn’t discern any specific issues or pain -it was cold and I thought I was just generally tired and sore. I booked 20min with her and she asked me about how I was feeling but I really couldn’t give her more then there was a ‘general tightness in my lower back.’ It was freezing and dark and we both decided to give it a try and see if she could help. She loaded a few extra blankets on top of me (in my full clothes and thick coat) because the venue hadn’t provided her with power to run her table warmer, but I honestly didn’t notice because I became so warm from the extra layers. Within that 20 minute massage, in the freezing, very dark (but adorable) massage tent Lindsey was able to pinpoint the extract areas in my hips and back that were causing my pain. Through ~6 thick layers of clothing and blankets. She was even able to detect an old burning injury in my right foot only after spending 10sec on it without me saying anything about it beforehand. It was absolutely amazing and I went to sleep pain free. I have had massages all over the west coast throughout my life and I have never ever experienced such care in such a short period of time. I will definitely be finding a way back to her tent and encourage anyone to do the same.
- Mimi